Monday, December 1, 2008

Nail polish confession

I might be one of the "Pure Know How Women", but I can't always live 100% "pure". I do try but really it's impossible to always do so.

Well this weekend was one of those times. My husband and I went to his work holiday party and I bought this sexy little purple dress and silver healed sandals (will I ever wear them again?). So of course I had to paint my toe nails. I did have my non-toxic polish in my hands but I just could not use it. The colour just didn't have enough punch and to get half the effect I wanted I would have had to put on 5 coats. So I went with the mainstream brand and damn did my toes look nice!

I just re-read our e-bulletin on nail polish and I think I'll just let this stuff wear off and not use nail polish remover-

Pure Know How