Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Breakout Busters

I found this nifty product by
Rocky Mountain Soap Company
. It comes in a tube - like you would have for a lip balm but contains sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and essential oils of tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender and chamomile. Each of these oils has either anti-septic and antibacterial properties or soothing and skin calming properties. So when you feel a bump about to break out - just dab a bit on. A similar type product is Heal by Essential Botanicals which has a roll-on applicator and uses essential oils to treat acne, infections, scrapes and cuts.


Anonymous said...

I read your ZITS e-bulletin and thought I'd give my opinion re:
Spectro Jel. You mentioned someone's teenaged son not using it
because of sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin but have
used Spectro Jel for years without any problems. The best part is that
it doesn't dry your skin out, although it did take some getting used to not having a 'squeaky clean' face after washing! Also, a great natural toner can be found in the grocery store for about $2 -rose water! It's found in the ethnic section.

Anonymous said...

I finally found a natural treatment that controls my acne. Before, I would get cystic acne around 'that' time of month, in the chin area.

However, a new product is out which is quite brilliant. I love it - works like a charm! It is the MiEssence Probiotic Skin Brightener.

The probiotic factor really works. The good bacteria keep breaking
down dead skin cells, environmental toxins, etc., which would otherwise clog the pores. Additionally, the probiotic is working on the skin's surface to continually protect the skin from infection.

As an added bonus, it has a very mild lactic acid (alpha hydroxy) that occurs naturally through the fermentation process, to give the skin clarity and a less wrinkled appearance. The AHA increases the
absorption of phyto-nutrients in the formula, helping feed the skin.

I've spoke with other women who are reporting identical results.
Personally, I've had no more cystic acne, only some barely discernible break-outs. Yay!

Anonymous said...

for me i found that coconut oil works great. i use it on my face every night night, and on weekend mornings. switching over from the medicated creams was very hard but im glad i did.

i too always get zits around that time of the month, and since i started using the CO about 6 months ago, i got 1 zit. i dont even wash my face at night (but i dont wear makup)

and when i do get a zit i put coloidal silver on it, and it just speeds up the whole healing process.