Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hair Styling Products and your Hair

I came across this great article written by someone who has been in the hair care business for thirty-seven years. The article in large part discusses the damage these products have on your hair, the hair you are trying to make look nicer. Here is a small excerpt from the article:

"I have been in the hair care business for over thirty-seven years and have seen everything that could possibly go wrong with a head of hair. Without question, the most damaging commercial hair styling preparations on the market today are gels, mousses and sprays. "

If that didn't get you thinking this one may:

"It is almost guaranteed that with continued use, these products will result in hair loss."

The name of the article is Mousse Abuse: Getting Educated to the Dangers of Styling Aids take a read.

Also please let us know what styling products work for you.

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Mike N said...

I used to use gel, then switched to those pastes/waxes and now, since I'm trying to get away from those chemicals, I have been using aloe vera gel exclusively. I find it works just as well and doesn't flake when it dries like some other products. I also use the aloe vera gel to shave...I'll never go back to other shaving creams or foams ever again. I find i get a much superior shave and way less irritation. Just my .02 cents...Mike