Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are you my Mom?

Are you my Mom? That's what my seven-year-old daughter asked me when I got in from having my hair done at Pure Joy Natural Hair Studio today. She really thought I looked good, and let me tell you that's not something that happens everyday!

I had my hair both coloured and cut...but will focus on the colour as that is what makes Joy's salon so different. But quickly the cut is fabulous...I am really pleased with it and I think I can make it look the same tomorrow.

Now the colour. My first realization as Joy was applying the colour was that there was no chemical scent, and the reason for that is there are NO chemicals in the hair colourants she uses. It is truly amazing. I sat there for 40 minutes and my nose wasn’t wiggling from the scents and more importantly my scalp wasn't burning. What a concept!

The end result was that I have beautifully coloured hair that looks really healthy. I’m back to see Joy in December as it will take a few visits to get all the old damaged hair cut off and leave me nothing but shinny health hair – I can’t wait.
One great piece of advice form Joy was if you’re colouring your hair with a chemical free product make sure all the products you use on your hair are chemical free – as the chemicals will strip the colour form the hair.
Interested in a chemical free experience? Give Joy Parker a call - 613-728-4069

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