Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I run for me.

This month started off with a bang of a run ... the Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. In our hometown of Ottawa, Ontario over 13,000 people raise funds by running for someone affected by this disease. This was my first large scale event for breast cancer and I felt a bit shy about it. I did not get a group together and call us a cheeky name like “Breast Friends", I did not wear the pink t-shirt that identifies me a survivor and I did not write a name on the race bibs that stated "I am running for ... my mom, my nanny, Susie, etc." I was a bit overwhelmed but shared laughs and a good run/walk with some friends and I realized that I am at this event for me … just me.
Pure Know How


JM said...

Takes a bit of guts to share this. There are many ways to deal with what you are dealing with and none is better than the other. You are just saying that and your honesty is refreshing.

JM said...

I should have added : ... and hopefully helpful to others who share your perspective....