Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lotions and Creams

Tips from Pure Know How'ers

- Make your own - Planet Botanix, an local Ottawa shop,has evening workshops on how to make salve, balm and lotion, personalized with essential oils, and recipes, to take home. Call 613)230-0222 to register.

- Recommended: Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream. The best hand cream out there and this Know How subscriber has tried many. It is the only cream that keeps her hands hydrated all day. It has a very light fragrance and is based with healing AveneThermal Spring Water. Cost: $17.00.
p.s. from Patti - check the label for any ingredients to avoid!


Pure Know How said...

Here is a list of ingredients
I inquired as to the ingredients on the Avene Hand crème.
Here they are:
Spring water
cetearyl alcohol
mineral oil
cetyl alocohol aluminuim surcrose
glyceryl stearate
sodium cetearyl sulfate
sodium hydroxide

I am concerned about the parabens, paraffin, mineral oil.

Anonymous said...

I rate Beebalm and Basil's Rosa y sol lotion a glowing 5. I LOVE it. I have tried many expensive spa products, usually imported from Europe and triple the price of Rosa y sol, and have to say that this lotion competes with the best of them. I particularly like the fact that there are no synthetics in it. I use it on my face and I've found that(particularly in the winter when I typically have problems), my skin ishydrated, smooth and soft. As an added bonus, I love the smell, whichis predominantly palmerosa essential oil, good for the skin! I buythis product at Planet Botanix, 911 Bank Street in Ottawa (in theGlebe).