Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your Product Reviews

Share your product reviews with the rest of the Pure Know How subscribers. Let us know what works and what doesn't.

Patti and Tamey


Andrea said...

Regarding the use of dryer sheets and avoiding static cling, here's another tip: Try not to 'over-dry' your clothes. Our dryer has a 'less dry' setting which I use all the time. When it stops there may be one or two items that are still slightly damp, but I just hand them on a hook to finish drying. This approach saves energy, too. I also follow the suggestion of not putting synthetics in the dryer at all -- they go up on those hooks too -- and I have no problems with static cling. Try to reduce the number of synthetics you own, then it'll be easier to deal with the issue.

Anonymous said...

I received dryer clothes purchased from Home Hardware at Christmas. There are two clothes that stay in the dryer all the time. No chemicals. It takes two or three loads to get rid of the build up on your dryer but after that I have had no static or very little, even with sweaters, synthetics or other materials.

Tamey said...

Yes those dryer sheets you mention are the static eliminators that I am now using - and as I mentioned in my product review so far so good!