Friday, April 3, 2009

OK it works - New Natural Deodorant

I've been buying from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. for over a year and love their products. In particular their cream for eczema works wonders for two of my children.

However when I received their February ( I think it was) newsletter saying they had a new line of deodorants that worked - I didn't bite. I've tried many deodorants (see our reviews) since Patti and I started Pure Know How with very limited success, even from some of our favourite companies. In one case I was so stinky I couldn't stand my own smell - really it was terrible.

Then in the March newsletters they said if you spend $35.00 or more you get a free deodorant - so I got one Blossom Fresh. To my very great surprise it works really well, really no stink!! I've even used it to work-out with no issues.

So Rocky Mountain congratulations you did it!!


lisa said...

I love this article!!! I have just recently been struggling with all natural deodorants. I didn't want to switch back to using the chemical loaded ones I had previously thought safe. However, a few days ago I came home from work and noticed something didn't smell very nice and to my surprise it was me!!!! My boyfriend uses Rocky mountain soaps for showering and I'm going to go and purchase some deodorant for myself.
Thank you soo much!!!


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