Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still the Mind.

It's true my mind is rarely stilled. At the moment my most relaxing event is a nice hot bath with a mug of hot chocolate. Ah!

We all have our ways to still the mind - share yours and inspire someone to be still.


Joan Jesion said...

I often ask clients to take a minimum of 5 minutes a day to sit and think about nothing. The time cannot be used to make a mental list of what you will do when the 5 minutes is up! Try to visualize a vacation spot, the mountains, the woods, or the ocean etc.-somewhere you really unwind. Imagine how it feels, smells, breath deeply and voila - a mini mindspa vacation. Over time, give yourself more time like this. It helps you get a new perspective on life's challenges.

Joan Jesion, Life Coach

Anonymous said...

A really good deep muscle massage does wonders for me. I have an incredible massage therapist that I see and he works wonders. The massage session can sometimes be tougher and more painful (we're talking DEEP massage here) than a long, hard workout but it is so worth it in the end. Something about focusing on letting go of the physical tension in the body really lightens my mental state, too. I always leave feeling calm and more centered in both mind and body.