Sunday, September 16, 2007

Caffeinated Soap?

There are those who've said to us why worry about what you put on your skin - How will it hurt you?

Well there's a new product on the market that puts caffeine into your system simply by washing with its soap. Its absorbed into the skin and wakes you up.

Can’t say I need to be woken up that drastically.

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Anonymous said...

OK sadly enough I would be one who would use a caffiene soap....why? because I am experiencing such swelling when I wake up ..around my eyes and heard caffiene contricts vessles and could help...though dancing around a shower blind from the soap in my eyes at 6 in the morning is a deterant...I tried a product that was suppose to be "amazing" complete with pictures of before and afters at the beauty is called benefit's "ooh la lift" which you are suppose to apply on the delicate skin under the eye...well quelle surprise it has not worked for me and i still look like someone used my eye sockets as mug holders...what to do? I have tried the old cucumber and tea bag remedies just means my eyes got a better breakfast than me......I have tried slam'n my poor tired face into a bucket of ice water....great for the heart but my peepers were still giving the "stay puff" marshmellow man a run for his money - is there anything out there - anything that is a true wake me up de-buffer without seeping toxins into me or making me want to line up for a little nip n' tuck?????