Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We've shared a few of our favorite soaps with you, so now it’s your turn. Let your fellow Pure Know Howers know what’s out there, where to get it and how it rates on the cost side.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Hi There! Great site I do have a question though along the soap and bath products line. My daughter LOVES the bath bombs that you can purchase for the tub , she also has extremely dry skin and though sertain ones like oatmeal bombs from Lush seam to make a difference in her skin I wonder what is really in these lil critters and how good is it for her to be soaking in them??? any advice on fun in the tub for kids that wont be hanging around their poor skin afterwards?? she also used those bath beads (full of some kind of smelly oils) and bubbly bath salts....do I need to remove the fun in the tub?

sherikoolaid said...

After reading the 'Bar it' email, I had a look at the ingredients that are in the soap I use to wash my three-year-old son. I was really upset after looking up some of the ingredients listed. Though it's marketed as being 'ultra mild' and I've heard the 'no more tears' slogan for years, I realise now that I need to be so much more careful about what we put on our bodies because so many of the beauty products out there are full of chemicals (thanks for enlightening me on this Pure Know How!).

I am not well versed in the area of natural soaps, but I do have one product to suggest... There are some beautiful hand-made soaps called "Soaps By Amber" which are made by an Ottawa student/artist. I believe she can be contacted at amberbirnie@hotmail.com. Not only are these soaps made with all-natural ingredients, they are produced locally. Oh yeah, and they smell good enough to eat, too!!

Pure Know How said...

Hi there,

In response to anonymous, I suggest asking Lush for a list of the ingredients for their bath bombs - they are fun in the tub but I’m also curious about what they are made of.

With regards to bath oils - generally they are made from petroleum products (i.e. the oil slick and ring around the tub) as well synthetic fragrances and colours. We will have an e-bulletin on bath products coming up - so we'll try to find some fun substitute - anyone else have an idea?

Patti and Tamey

jen said...

ooooo, I got a good bath bomb recommendation for you - Mermaid Says makes some cute little cocoa-infused fizzy treats in the shape of fortune cookies (complete with fortune inside).

Maybe that would be more fun than what Lush makes (most of their products contain questionable ingredients - but I, too, have succumbed to their marketing hype at times).

You can check out mermaid says' fortune cookies at: http://www.mermaidsays.com/bath/bathcookie.html

She makes her products by hand, and they most definitely are natural.