Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Despite the fact that my lashes are long and Patti's are short we both include mascara as one of the two most essential cosmetics to wear when leaving our homes. (The other is lipstick!)

We have listed our product reviews on our site. Are there any you have tried? What did you think?

Thanks for sharing.


Jen said...

Nice to see Suncoat on your list!That's what I use daily and what I sell on my online store. Though I like this mascara, it is one of our most-returned products! For some people it flakes easily.

I thought I'd mention another brand, Earth's Beauty. Their mascara is new on the scene, but feels smoother than Suncoat. I do consider this a "truly natural" mascara unlike most other natural brands.

Though I have no experience with them, there are 2 other natural mascara brands out there: Real Purity and Paul Penders. They are also more natural than some "natural" brands.

Pure Know How said...

Hi Jen, Thanks so much for your feedback...I will give Earth's Beauty a try. Where can I get it? If you want send me an email at knowhow@pureknowhow.com

Thanks Tamey

Anonymous said...

For the past year I have used Zuzu mascara available at Whole Foods. It comes in different colours and is water proof. I love it!


Anonymous said...

I used Real Purity and Zuzu Luxe and am happy with both, although Zuzu is water-resistant, not water-proof and is slightly more thickening than Real Purity.
Both are top-selling items at www.absolutelypure.com


Anonymous said...

Suncoat mascara is definitely the worst mascara I have ever tried. It is almost impossible to apply because of its stickiness and lack of moisture. When eventually you have succeeded in applying a tiny bit to your lashes, they just look plain awful because they all stick together, the surface is unsmooth and it does not lengthen your lashes what so ever. You can get so many other cruelty-free, vegan mascaras that does the job unlike this one (Earth Beauty, Logona, Beautywithoutcruelty, Afterglow, Anne Marie Börlind) !!! I thew it out after my first try, partly because of the above result but also because the top part of the bottle broke of when I tried to get some more mascara on the brush!!!